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Things to keep in mind when buying second hand phones

  • When you decide to buy a phone, be sure to buy a phone within two years.
  • When you go to buy a phone, buy it knowing its second hand value.
  • When you go to buy a phone, buy it from the person who has the bill, the box and the phone, Because that phone may have been stolen from someone's hand
  • When you go to see the seller make sure that the phone's imei number is in the box.
  • Check Imei and make sure that the phone is not blacklisted.
  • When buying a mobile phone, check if the phone has any physical damage.The edge of the display should be carefully inspected as cracks may appear around the display. If not, it may hurt in the future.
  • Incoming Call Check that the outgoing call is also working properly. This will let you know if the vibration and the speaker are working correctly.
  • Check if all the sensors associated with the mobile are working.
  • Check the charging port and the earphone port.
  • Click everywhere on the display.This will tell you if there is any cell damage on the display.
  • Check the battery. Remember how much charge at that time on your phone. Then restart the phone. Do not pick up the phone later if the battery is further depleted.
  • You can check the camera quality of the phone if you want.
  • Place the appointment near the service center where the phone is serviced. Because after doing all this inspection, you can go there and check if the phone is fake or not.

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