Things to do in case your phone gets flooded | Tips and Tricks

Precautions to be taken if water gets inside the phone

The first thing to do if your phone gets flooded in any way is to turn off the phone.

Once the phone is turned off, the memory card, sim card, etc. can be removed

If you can remove your phone battery, remove it as well

Once this is done you can take it to the service center.

In some cases, if you can not go to the service center, Let's look at some kind of absorption methods that things we can do.

Absorption Methods

  • Once the water is in, place your phone in a warm place. Example The heat of the sun.
  • Many people, when water gets inside the phone, put it inside the rice,we can adopt that method as well.

If you do this, the water inside the phone will go to a certain extent.


If the phone is flooded for any reason you should first take it to the service center. Do not forget to pull out your SIM and memory card

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