Things to consider when buying a second hand phone.

Follow this
  • Buy a that phone comes in two years.
  • When buying a phone, know the price in the second hand market and buy it.
  • Get the phone from the guy with the box and bill.
  • Check that phone's IMEI is in the box and bill.
  • Check the IMEI at black listed or not.
  • Inspect the physical damage of that phone.
  • Check the any scratch in the camera.
  • Check the call status.
  • Check the speakers.
  • Use SIM in that phone and check it.
  • Check all sensors work properly.
  • Check the charging and earphone port.
  • Click on all side of the display.
  • Check battery life.
  • If you needed check the camera quality.
  • Go to the service center and check if the phone is fake.

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